COVID-19 - Takeout & Delivery

LAST UPDATED: April 29, 2020

Are you offering Takeout and/or delivery?

Let RIHA know

RIHA is partnering with the Providence Warwick Conventions and Visitors Bureau, Discover Newport and other marketing organizations to create a guide for the public on which restaurants are offering takeout and delivery.

If you would like to be added to this list, please email Rebekka Hammond at


  • See guidelines for Takeout and Delivery (Updated April 14, 2020): Click here.
  • See the RIHA guidelines on face masks approved by the Department of Health here (Updated April 14, 2020): Click here.
  • Do not allow customers to dine on premise. Remove chairs and tables if necessary.
  • Never allow more than 5 customers into an establishment at a time.
  • There should be a minimum distance of six feet between individuals - including staff.
  • If possible, orders should be placed via phone or email, with payment being taken via credit card. Please note that the State of Rhode Island requires establishments to take cash if requested by the customer.
  • If an employee is sick or showing symptoms, they must be sent home immediately
  • Follow the requirements of the RI Food Code, including hand washing.

RIHA has been working with the RI Department of Health to develop guidelines for restaurants selling bulk grocery items. These guidelines were released.

Yes, however we encourage customers to place their orders before arriving.

Businesses must also limit the number of people in an establishment to 5 customers at a time. You must also ensure that there is room for people to have at least six feet between one another.

The RI Hospitality Association (RIHA), in collaboration with Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo, today announced that Rhode Island restaurants that are currently serving take-out meals are now allowed to sell beer and wine to their customers. This only applies to restaurant pick-up orders and is not available for delivery service from individual restaurants or through third-party delivery services.

The Governor’s executive order went into effect at 8:30 p.m. on March 20, 2020 until March 30, 2020.

The order has several stipulations that restaurants must adhere to including:

  • Limited to the sale of beer and wine only
  • Limited to 144oz of beer and up to two bottles of wine per order
  • The alcohol was must in the original factory sealed container
  • Customer must display identification upon pickup
  • Only eligible for takeout. Not available for delivery from individual restaurants or third-party delivery services

No. Last year, Rhode Island passed a law requiring restaurants to accept cash.

No. The executive order only allows takeout or delivery.

Catering companies can still deliver food to customers, however, they can only drop the food off and leave. They cannot stay and serve the food.

The delivery of beer, wine, spirits and pre-mixed cocktails by a Class P (Caterer) liquor licensee is prohibited. This is a violation of Rhode Island General Law 3-7-14.2 and DBR Regulation 1.4.42. The Class P liquor license is for alcohol service at catered events only.

Restaurants and other businesses are responsible for ensuring that any customers coming to their establishment are observing the state mandates limiting gatherings to less than 5 people and social distancing requirements.

Businesses should take steps to minimize their contact with customers. Consider taking the following steps

  • Ask that customers order and pay online. You cannot refuse to accept cash, but you can encourage that people pay via credit card.
  • Offer drop-off delivery services - leave the food on the front steps or door step and call to tell the customer that the food has been delivered.
  • Tell customers that you will not bring food into apartment buildings - customers should meet the driver at the car.
RI Department of Health

Rhode Island Department of Health