RIHA’s Advocacy Goals

Ensure a predictable and competitive business model

Businesses need a predictable business model that reflects the realities of doing business in Rhode Island. In recent years, out-of-state, special interest groups have tried to implement radical labor mandates on businesses that threaten the way we do business.

Modernize and streamline antiquated liquor laws

Our current liquor system was developed shortly after Prohibition and has created a dual licensing structure between the municipalities and state. This system confuses good businesses trying to comply with the law, while also leaving licensing authorities, already struggling with a lack of resources, frustrated and almost powerless to stop bad actors from proliferating.

Create a level playing field

It is essential that our regulatory structures create a level playing field for all businesses that allow for the expansion of new businesses while respecting the investments made by those already in existence.

Ensure the taxation framework fairly distributes the burden and benefits

While taxation is a reality of doing business in Rhode Island, it is important that the taxation framework fairly distributes the burden and benefits.

Invest in our future and current workforce

Hospitality is a highly labor-intensive industry that depends on our workforce to provide the experience offered to our guests. RIHA believes that we must invest in our future workforce to grow the future generation of hospitality professionals, starting in our schools and continuing throughout an employee’s professional life.

Work towards a more sustainable future

RIHA believes that we have an obligation to find cost-effective, practical solutions to reduce our industry’s environmental impact.