How does RIHA determine its positions?

Every year, RIHA tracks over 400 pieces of legislation that impacts the industry. This policy sets forth the process by which RIHA will identify such issues and develop position statements.

Available Positions

RIHA has four different positions on legislation.





If other groups are also involved in an issue, RIHA may sometimes take a supporting role in supporting and/or opposing an issue.

Identifying Issues

Issues for which it may be necessary or advisable for RIHA to adopt a formal position can be identified by any member, board member, staff member or outside party.

RIHA will only take positions that have a broad impact on the industry as a whole – we cannot intervene in issues that only impact one individual member. Typically, if members disagree on an issue, RIHA will remain neutral, unless the RIHA Board of Directors votes to take a particular action.

Process for determining positions on legislative/regulatory issues

For any issue that has been identified by RIHA as warranting a formal position, staff will gather the following information:

Any relevant policy statements issued by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and/or the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA)

Any relevant policy statements issued by other state associations

Any other information that could assist in the development of a policy position

The following questions will also be considered:

Will it increase expenses for business owners?

Does it increase a business owner's exposure to liability?

Does the proposed language use existing definitions and standards?