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The most effective way to protect your business is get involved. Every year, RIHA develops legislation that is a direct result of conversations with our members.

Maintain an active membership with RIHA

  • Learn about issues proposed in Rhode Island and issues facing other businesses across the country.
  • Get access to technical legal advice from our in-house attorney.
  • Join RIHA’s Advocacy Council and help guide our Advocacy Strategy!

Contact us at 401-223-1120 to see how you can become a more active member.

Make your voice heard

Your voice is the most effective advocacy tool we have.

Talk to your legislators. Come to legislative hearings. Write letters to your local newspaper. RIHA can help you develop personalized talking points, but no one knows your business better than you. The public and elected officials need to hear your voice.

Sign up for text alerts on important legislation. Text "RIHA" to 52886


Local elections have a lasting impact on our entire industry, but often have very low voter turnout. The best way to have your voice heard is to be an active, engaged voter.

Donate to the RI Hospitality-PAC

The RI Hospitality-PAC supports pro-hospitality candidates. You can donate to our PAC at any time by visiting: www.rihospitality.org.

Contact us at 401-223-1120.