Dale's Corner

This blog is written by Dale J. Venturini, President/CEO of RI Hospitality Association (RIHA) and RI Hospitality Education Foundation (RIHEF). Its purpose is to engage RIHA members with current issues and trends.

Feb 2024

Our Next Chapter

Jan 2024

Celebrating the Best in Rhode Island Hospitality: The 2023 Stars of the Industry

Dec 2023

Resilience in Rhode Island's Hospitality Industry: A Journey of Recovery, Community and Collaboration

Nov 2023

Securing Tomorrow with The RIHA Group 401(k) Plan

Oct 2023

Navigating Rising Costs: A Call to Prudent Hospitality Management

Sep 2023

Unlocking the Benefits of the Employee Retention Credit

Aug 2023

Elevating Hospitality Service: Meeting Customer Expectations in a Post-Pandemic World

Jul 2023

Unfair Credit Card Fees Crushing Hospitality’s Small Businesses

Jun 2023

Embracing the Future of Hospitality: Standing Out in 2023

May 2023

Hospitality’s Industrious Operators Move Beyond the Status Quo

Apr 2023

RI Hospitality Association Kitchen Cabinet Updates: May 2023

Mar 2023

Celebrating The 11th Annual Rhode Island ProStart® High School Culinary, Foodservice & Hotel Management Competition

Feb 2023

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies in the Hospitality Industry

Jan 2023

Unveiling the RI Hospitality Association Kitchen Cabinet

Dec 2022

RIHA’s Stars of the Industry Steals the Show at PPAC

Nov 2022

Looking Back on 2022, and Looking Forward to 2023

Oct 2022

Giving Women in Hospitality the Power to Stand Up for Themselves

Sep 2022

Looking Ahead at Rhode Island’s Economic Outlook in 2023

Aug 2022

Get Up and Get Out the Vote, Rhode Islanders!

Jul 2022

Take Action to Protect Your Brand

Jun 2022

Embracing The Hospitality Industry’s New Reality

May 2022

Working Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

Apr 2022

Findings from the RI Hospitality Association (RIHA)’s 2021 Annual Report

Mar 2022

Accelerating the Advancement of Women in Hospitality

Feb 2022

Planning for your future starts today

Jan 2022

Save Money and Resources by Saving Energy in the New Year

Dec 2021

Workforce Woes – What Can We Do?

Nov 2021

What’s the hospitality industry’s barometer of success in 2022?

Oct 2021

Looking Ahead at Rhode Island’s Economic Outlook

Sep 2021

Survival At Any Cost

Aug 2021

Working Our Way Back to Normalcy: How Reopening Has Affected the Industry

Jul 2021

COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons, Learnings and Reflections

Jun 2021

Looking for a New Career or Part-time Work? Join the Industry of Opportunity.

May 2021

Announcing the RI Hospitality Association’s “Consumer Confidence” Campaign

Apr 2021

Working Together Toward Common Goals

Mar 2021

The Importance of Regaining Consumer Confidence

Feb 2021

Testing our Workers and Instilling Consumer Confidence

Jan 2021

What 2020 Hospitality Trends Will Carry Over Into 2021?

Dec 2020

Calling Upon the Congressional Delegation

Nov 2020

Looking back on a whirlwind 2020

Oct 2020

Have your Chili without the Chill when You Bundle up and #BYOBlanket

Sep 2020

Cooperation is key

Aug 2020

Our Values are our Guiding Principles

Jul 2020

Moving Forward Together

Jun 2020

Reopening the Hospitality Industry

Apr 2020

Understanding Coronavirus in the Local Hospitality Industry

Mar 2020

Profiting From the Work of Others

Feb 2020

Taxing Tourism

Jan 2020

They May Not be of Service

Dec 2019

Make it home for the holidays

Nov 2019

That would’ve been covered

Oct 2019

Please Hold The Anaphylactic Shock

Sep 2019

(C)ould (B)e (D)isastrous

Aug 2019

What’s in it for us?

Jul 2019

Can I Bother You For Some Help?

Jun 2019

Where’s my side salad?

May 2019

Moving Toward a Plastic-free Rhode Island

Apr 2019

A “Budding” Industry

Mar 2019

I Know I’m Not a Member, But

Feb 2019

The True Cost of Minimum Wage Increases

Jan 2019

The Best and Brightest Shine Brightly at RIHA’s Stars of the Industry Event