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In times of urgency, like the Covid-19 crisis, we focus all communication on critical messaging to serve you best. Below is a list of our regularly scheduled member newsletters.

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This weekly newsletter delivered on Wednesdays includes: Member News, Insights, Trends, Statistics, Feature Profiles, the latest tools and tips from the National Restaurant Association and the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Upcoming Workforce Training Calendar, Special Events and Trade Shows, meals tax reporting, Marketing in a Minute guidance and more.

Hill & Dale

Each Friday of the Advocacy season, read about the most important, hospitality-relevant, legislative news from the State House, cities and towns. Count on Hill & Dale also to arrive with alerts and breaking news, FAQs and Crisis Communications when necessary.

Workforce Insider

Monthly newsletter arrives the last Monday of each month with updates from ServSafe, our workforce training experts, upcoming classes, webinars, and special events.

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The 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month brings you quick guidance from our partner programs with tips on how to save on your everyday expenses.

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