Alcohol Server Training

Rhode Island law mandates the following people obtain alcohol server training certifications from a Rhode Island approved program:

  1. All persons who sell or serve alcoholic beverages including servers, bartenders, service staff;
  2. Anyone whose job description entails the checking of identification for the purchase of alcoholic beverages such as bouncers and hosts;
  3. Valet parking staff shall receive alcohol server training regulations, as set forth herein;
  4. Anyone serving in a supervisory capacity over the above groups.

The law requires these employees to obtain their alcohol server training within sixty (60) days of their first day of employment, with a score of 75 or above. The certificate is only valid for 3 years.

ServSafe Alcohol® Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service Program

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ServSafe Alcohol OR Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE)

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ServSafe Alcohol® Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service Program

The ServSafe Alcohol® Training program is developed by the National Restaurant Association and experts who have direct experience with the risks involved in serving alcohol. Our connection to the foodservice industry provides insights that help prepare you for difficult situations.

  • Follows a holistic approach that teaches staff to work together to handle difficult situations
  • Uses quality materials and exams created by experienced alcohol-service professionals exclusively for the foodservice industry
  • Relies on the same development methodology as proven ServSafe food safety training
  • Is a single source, one-stop-shop to complete both food safety and responsible alcohol service training and exam needs
  • Addresses up-to-date regulatory information
  • Provides support from subject-matter experts available to answer questions
  • Offers flexible online, classroom, in-unit and one-on-one training and exam options

Class Duration: 2.5 Hours
Online Class: $30.00 per person

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Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE)
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

The Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE) for Servers program includes updates to learning activities and discussions on how to effectively monitor and control guests' alcohol consumption, tactfully intervene before problems arise, carry out ID-checking policies, and handle minors according to your venue's policies.

New sections on lodging-specific alcohol sales include areas covering in-room dining service, minibars, banquets and catering, as well as retail outlets such as gift shops. Other new topics presented include specific content on energy drinks, illegal drugs and tobacco sales.

Successful completion of any of the CARE training programs will lead to an American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) issued Training Verification Card, and servers will learn how to:

  • Effectively monitor and control guests' alcohol consumption
  • Tactfully intervene before problems arise
  • Carry out their establishment's ID-checking policies and spot fake or altered identifications
  • Handle minors according to their operation's policies
  • Describe the physical effects of alcohol
  • Explain the laws regarding alcohol service and how they affect their work

Class Duration: 4.5 Hours
Online Class: (CARE) $ 29.95 per person

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To purchase CARE online call, 1-800-344-4381 or 1-517-318-2367 or email

For more information on Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE) Private Alcohol classes please contact or call 401-223-1120