Job Openings

Catering Waitstaff and Bartenders Middletown Blackstone Caterers

Job Description:

Flexibility: Sign-on Bonus for Staff who work through October. Other Cash Incentives available in season!

We maintain a large base of skilled servers and have a very busy season ahead. We are an ideal match for people seeking to earn some extra money in their spare time: teachers, experienced students, stay‐at‐home parents, even servers from other parts of the hospitality community. Our scheduler will work with you one‐on‐one to develop a schedule that fits your needs.

Off Premise Caterers with a positive attitude, friendliness, teamwork, and a “whatever it takes” attitude. No menus to remember, no tests to take, no long training periods and you will be rewarded with good food while at work! Experience is preferred, being able to carry large trays is a must, and there is a minimum weight carrying requirement of 35 pounds.

To Apply:
Email resume to:
Apply online at:
Fax to: 401-848-6578
By Mail or in person at: Blackstone Caterers, 224 John Clarke Road, Middletown, RI 02842