RISE Engineering

RISE Engineering


Deidra Tart, Business Development Specialist |

Energy costs impact your bottom line - we will help you stop wasting energy and start saving money.

For businesses like yours, time and money are precious. The fact is, few things deliver a greater return on investment than the implementation of energy efficiency measures. And no organization is more qualified than RISE Engineering to help you make energy improvements conveniently and cost-effectively.

RISE has been selected by the major utilities and program sponsors in the region to help customers like you access some of the most aggressive incentives available. These incentives can cover the majority share of the cost of a project, affording you a high return on your initial, out-of-pocket investment.

RISE gets it done seamlessly. We’ll work with you to set a convenient installation schedule that will not interrupt your business. After installation, we stand by you with extended warranties and dedicated support staff. It’s all designed to smoothly execute your project and allow you to remain focused on the daily tasks of attending to your business.