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More Fun, More Customers, More Profit    
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Since 1990, WRIK Entertainment has offered a variety of fun and engaging options to keep your guests and patrons coming back every week! We help increase business on those dreaded slow nights. Check us out at one of our venues listed on our NIGHTLIFE SCHEDULE.

Our trivia is for the average person and not to just those who should be on Jeopardy. There is something for everyone!

Music Bingo
The game is played like standard bingo but instead of numbers we play fun music clips. The first person to complete bingo wins the game!

Karaoke is not to be taken too seriously. We encourage everyone to sing for fun!

Feud Time
Feud Time is a fun team game of original surveys based on the popular TV game show. It’s not what you know, it’s what you think you know!

Name That Toone
We play the music, each team gets points for artist and title of each song. This game so much fun!