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Dale J. Venturini

Hello and welcome to the RI Hospitality Association (RIHA), the hospitality, tourism, hotel and restaurant industry’s largest trade and educational group in the state.

With a demonstrated track record of successfully leading our industry for more than 30 years, RIHA continues to be the leading voice of our industry advocating for our members in legislative matters and in business, increasing awareness about important issues, and training the people of our state to work in hospitality and achieve meaningful careers.

Our numbers are many and we represent a workforce of more than 70,000 employees and continue to be a top-five revenue generator in Rhode Island. Our membership is comprised of approximately 700 individual businesses with a goal of ensuring the strength and success of our industry though legislative action, educational training and advocating in the business community..

We have had a tough couple of years battling legislation backed by out-of- state interests. And, while 2017 looks to be a continuation of this fight, it is also an opportunity to tighten our membership ranks and further come together as one organization with a unified message and voice.

If I had a theme for this year it would be, ‘let’s write our own story.’ It’s my fervent wish that each of our 700 members takes the time to understand how current proposed legislation could affect their business models.

I am asking each of you reading this to do three things. First, find our who your legislator is and set up a meeting in your place of business. Second, tell a colleague to do the same. Finally, spread the word through any civic or business organizations that you belong to.

As a non-profit, we cannot outspend our opposition, they have deep pockets; however, our voices together will drown out their rhetoric. It’s time we took back the narrative!

2017 is the year of unity in our industry. Please take the time to make a difference this year!
Together, we can accomplish anything.

We look forward to an incredible 2017!

Dale J. Venturini
Rhode Island Hospitality Association