LAST UPDATED: Friday, April 10, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Restaurant Impact Survey

The National Restaurant Association has developed a new April survey to continue to collect important data for our ongoing communications and advocacy activities regarding COVID-19. Please take a few moments to participate in this April survey.

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Text “Recovery” to 52886

Text “Recovery” to 52886

Congress is looking to pass a broad economic rescue package that the Trump administration estimates will be around $1.3 trillion. We need your help to ensure restaurant relief is properly addressed in this package.

Economic forecasts indicate restaurants and the foodservice industry could sustain $225 billion in losses and eliminate 5-7 million jobs over the next three months. By taking action, you will tell your personalized story about how this has negatively impacted you, your employees, and your industry and call on President Trump and Congress for their support of the National Restaurant Association restaurant recovery plan. This plan provides direct and targeted relief designed to benefit restaurant and foodservice businesses of every size in every corner of the country.

Please take a few moments to participate in this vital grassroots mobilization effort. We need Congress to act—and act fast.

Text “Recovery” to 52886 to help the #RestaurantRecovery